Upcoming events

    • 03/30/2019
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Plan B Theatre 138 West Broadway, Salt Lake City

    …Of Color

    World Premier by playwrights TBA

    A performance of short plays from the Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop 

    Post-Performance Salon:
    A 1-hour Guild-specific Salon Discussion will follow this production, to provide an opportunity for members of the Guild to discuss the play with the Playwrights (TBA), Directors (TBA), and Actors (TBA).

    This performance and post-play salon will be conducted at Plan-B Theatre, 138 West Broadway, Salt Lake City)


    NOTE: 2 hours of CEU’s available for attending the play and the salon.

    Purchase Tickets


    Please note this message to Guild members for discounted season tickets: 

      Plan-B Theatre is thrilled to continue our partnership with the Guild this season! We've made it much easier to secure your tickets to the performances that include the post-show salon for CEUs. Just click to order your Guild subscription for $38 for all three plays. This saves you almost all of the fees you incur when purchasing individual tickets!

      FYI full price tickets + lowest possible fees would total $76.

    Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director, Plan-B Theatre

    • 04/05/2019
    • 04/06/2019
    • 2 sessions
    • U of U: Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts & Education Complex (SAEC), 1721 Campus Center Drive, Room 1151
    • 43

    Sex Across the Rainbow:

    Increasing clinical competency in sexual health discussions with clients.

    This two session workshop will provide an overview of ethical and clinically competent attention to sexual health concerns for clinicians who are not certified as sex therapists or counselors. Topics will include fluency in the language of sexual health; therapist self-awareness, expanding comfort, understanding limits, and knowing when to refer; physiological and medical overview of sexual functioning across sexual and gender spectrums; problematic sexual behavior; current conceptualizations and research; pornography, erotic material, and BDSM.

    The fee includes both sessions and the working lunch.  Presenters would like participants to attend all sessions.

    About This Workshop

    Friday session:

    • Didactic and process-oriented, structured group experience to explore attendees’ attitudes and values related to sexuality, and to understand how these values might affect their clinical work. Explicit erotic and pornographic materials will be presented.

    Saturday session:

    • Therapist competence, ethics of attending to sexual health concerns with clients
    • Anatomy, physiology, & sexual response, including Trans sexual functioning
    • Pleasure as a foundation in sexual health dialogues
    • Out of control sexual behavior
    • Non-consensual sexual behavior
    • Current laws relating to sexual behaviors

           Working lunch, further questions, and processing; relating to Friday’s session


    • Braxton Dutson, LCSW, CST – Private Practice, The Healing Group
    • Mary Fisher, CMHC – Private Practice; Psychotherapy & Sex Therapy
    • Meg Martinez-Dettamanti, LACMHC, CSAT-C -  Assistant Clinical Director, The Global Prevention Project at Namaste Center for Healing
    • Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH – Chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine, U of U School of Medicine, Trans health care
    • Kara Posner, CMHC – Private Practice, member of the Guild leadership
    • Jordan Rullo, PhD., ABPP, CST – Private Practice, Aspen Grove Counseling; Adjunct Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology at U of U

    Who should attend this workshop? Licensed mental health professionals, students in clinical training, and non-professional helping advocates in service agencies. Click for printable flyer.

    The registration fee for this workshop is not included as free for Guild members. However, Guild members are eligible for discounted registration. 

    Register now!  Early Bird pricing ENDS MARCH 3rd.

    11 CEUs applications pending
    Friday Evening Session = 3 ethics CEU’s

    Saturday Session = 7 ethics CEU’s
    Saturday Working Lunch Session = 1 CEU

    • 04/18/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM
    • Pride Center 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    Homelessness and LGBTQ Youth

    This session’s panelists have direct knowledge of people experiencing homelessness in the Salt Lake City region. Ms. Strong is Division Director of Homeless Youth Services at VOAUT in Salt Lake City. Roberto Martinez was the Residential and Clinical Director of the YWCA in Salt Lake City, and is currently on the Homeless Student Task Force at the University of Utah. Lucas Fowler is on the Board Chair of Transgender Education Advocates – Utah, and has a significant amount of grassroots experience problem solving housing issues in the gender diverse community. These panelists will share their experiences, identify issues salient to the sexual and gender diverse communities, and help target resources for therapists.

    Presenter:  Sarah Strang, CSW, Roberto Martinez, LCSW, Lucas Fowler

    Please note that we have moved our meeting location: Meetings are conducted at the new Pride Center in Salt Lake City; 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (near the Bee’s Stadium). Parking is permitted anywhere in the parking lot. Enter the building through the main entrance, and turn right to find the conference room


    CEU’s have been approved for all in-service programs by Utah NASW and UPA and are free for Guild members & $5 for non-members


    • 05/16/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM
    • Pride Center 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    Navigating Stuck Points in Religions and Sexuality

    The workshop is designed to help mental health professionals better appreciate the tension that could exist in the lives of their LGBTQ identified or questioning clients who hold or come from a background that privileges traditional, conservative or orthodox religious beliefs. While research on the complicated relationship between religiosity and LGBT identification is becoming more available, findings from these studies have been generally inconclusive in determining the specific aspects of religiosity that are associated with various mental health outcomes.

    Presenter: David Pruden, MS

    NOTE: New location for 2018-19

    Pride Center 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115


    CEU’s have been approved for all in-service programs by Utah NASW and are free for Guild members & $5 for non-members


    • 05/31/2019
    • 8:45 AM - 4:15 PM
    • Utah State Library Program for the Blind, 250 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    • 173

    Hope & Resilience:
    Reducing Intimate partner Violence
    for Sexually & Gender Diverse Individuals

    Program Description:           

    This conference will present an overview of the various issues that impact interpersonal violence for sexually and gender diverse individuals and families. The conference will prepare professionals and advocates to address a range of issues including trauma informed care and prevention.

    Hope and resilience will be an underlying theme for all sessions, providing inspiration for expanding resources. This year we've added two additional options for breakout presentations allowing attendees to more fully customize their conference experience.

    Box lunches will be provided (included in registration fee.)

    Tentative agenda:

    8:00 - 8:45  Registration & Check In

    8:45  Welcome

    9:00 – 10:15  Plenary Speaker: Shelley Wagers, PhD.
                             Topic: TBA

    10:15 – 10:30  Break

    10:30 – 12:00   Breakout Sessions #1 and #2

    12:00 – 1:00  Box Lunches provided (included in registration fee)

    1:00 – 2:30  Breakout Sessions #3 and #4

    2:30 – 2:45  Break

    2:45 – 4:15 Panel Discussion - Topic TBA


    Dr. Shelly Wagers
    Jenny Langhinrichsen-Rohling

    Taitt-Lamar, MSW
    Cecil Whitney from NW Network

    Other presenters and panelists TBA

    6 CEUs have been applied for from the following organizations:

                    • Utah NASW
                    • Utah Psychological Association

Past events

03/21/2019 Myths and Facts of Women's Sexual Health
02/23/2019 Plan B Theatre - An Evening With Two Awful Men - World Premier by Elaine Jarvik (note 4th Sat)
02/21/2019 Ethical Use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
01/25/2019 Gender Creative Parenting | Joint session with WPP, AWP, & The Guild - NOTE: Friday
11/15/2018 Utah Office of the Medical Examiner research results on Utah’s suicide rates
10/20/2018 Plan B Theatre - Good Standing - World Premier by Matthew Greene (note 3rd Sat)
10/18/2018 Affirming Care for Bisexual Individuals
09/20/2018 Medical Consideration Related to Transgender Health
06/21/2018 Update on Legal Changes Since January 2017 that Effect Sexual & Gender Diverse Individuals and Families
06/01/2018 Hope & Resilience: Reducing Intimate Partner Violence for Sexually & Gender Diverse Individuals
05/17/2018 Treating Porn Addiction (Part 2): A Sex Positive Approach To Problematic Sexual Behavior
04/19/2018 Promoting Change in Religiously Conservative Communities
04/07/2018 Plan B Theatre - Jump - Note: 2nd Sat.
03/15/2018 Check Your Competencies at the Door; Spark Your Growth
03/11/2018 Salt Lake Acting Company - Hir - Play & Salon
03/03/2018 Plan B Theatre - The Weird Play - Note: 2nd Sat.
02/15/2018 Bleached: Beyond White-Washed Trans Narratives
01/26/2018 Suicide Prevention (note different location)
12/07/2017 Clinical Challenges & Obstacles in Working with Transgender Clients - NOTE: 1st Thursday
11/16/2017 Intersexions of Sexuality and Gender
11/11/2017 Plan B Theatre - The Ice Front - Note: 2nd Sat.
10/19/2017 Best Practices for Clinical Work With Sexual Orientations and Sexual Identities
10/19/2017 Best Practices for Clinical Work With Sexual Orientations and Sexual Identities
09/21/2017 Gender Fluidity: Systemic and Therapeutic Considerations When Working with Children, Adolescents, and Families
07/16/2017 Saturday’s Voyeur - Salt Lake Acting Company
06/15/2017 Polyamory Panel
06/02/2017 Hope & Resilience: Reducing Interpersonal Violence for Sexually & Gender Diverse Individuals
05/18/2017 Family Acceptance Project
04/20/2017 Addictions
03/31/2017 Workshop: Increasing Clinical Competency: Ethical Approaches for Working Across the Spectrum of Gender
03/25/2017 Not One Drop - Plan B Theater Company World Premier
03/16/2017 Understanding Porn Addiction: A Sex Positive Approach to Problematic Sexual Behavior
03/05/2017 Harbur Gate - Salt Lake Acting Company - DATE CHANGED
02/18/2017 Virtue - Plan B Theater World Premier
02/16/2017 White Privilege
01/27/2017 Queer Theory and You: the Intersection of Gender, Race, and Class
12/01/2016 Helping Gender and Sexually Diverse Individuals Respond Effectively to Rejection
11/17/2016 Transgender Medical Issues
10/20/2016 Lessons to Learn From Couples Who Stay Together During Gender Transition
09/15/2016 Gender Fluidity: Systemic and Therapeutic Considerations When Working With Children, Adolescents, and Families
06/16/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Working With Youth In Families When Parents Are or Have Come Out
06/05/2016 Utah Pride Parade - March with Us!
06/03/2016 Utah Pride Festival - Volunteers Needed
05/19/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Special Issues For Sexual Minorities Within Plural Families
04/21/2016 LGBTQ Guild: The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Sexual/Gender Identity & Expression
04/09/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Kingdom of Heaven - Plan-B Theatre World premier by David Evanoff & Jenifer Nii
03/17/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Mixed Orientation Marriages
03/05/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Based On A True Story - Plan-B Theatre World premier by Elaine Jarvik
02/27/2016 "Streetlight Woodpecker" by Shawn Fisher (World Premiere) - Salt Lake Acting Company
02/18/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Co Creating A More Inclusive Culture For LGBTQ Affirming Therapists
01/08/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Multicultural Counseling Competence
12/03/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Living Openly ‘Out’ As LGBT Within Communities of Faith
11/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Open Discussion - Managing client reactions to the recent LDS Church policy decision
11/14/2015 "Tribes" by Nina Raine - Salt Lake Acting Company
10/15/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Addressing Personal Biases With Self-Compassion
09/17/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Emerging Trends in the Languages of Sexual/Gender Identities
06/18/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Aging Within the LGBT Community
05/21/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Current Issues Facing LGBTQ Adolescents
04/16/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Working With Couples When A Partner Comes Out As Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender
04/11/2015 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - PILOT PROGRAM (2nd Sat)
03/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Understanding the Lives of Individuals Who Are Intersex
03/14/2015 Ethical Strategies for Dealing with Sexual/Gender Orientation and Religious Conflicts: Healing the rifts within our community and profession.
03/07/2015 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - A/VERSION OF EVENTS (1st Sat)
02/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Understanding Islamic Teachings & Traditions About Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
01/09/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Sex Trafficking (note: 2nd Friday)
12/13/2014 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS
12/04/2014 LGBTQ Guild: BDSM: Beyond 101 - Addressing the Intricacies of Kinky Sex (note 1st Thurs)
11/20/2014 LGBTQ Guild: The Impact of Recent Court Rulings & Legislative Actions
10/16/2014 LGBTQ Guild: Responding to Homeless LGBT Youth
09/18/2014 LGBTQ Guild: Building Bridges: An Update on the Group of 8 Dialogue Process
06/19/2014 LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy: Tips For The Therapist Who Identifies As 'Straight'
05/15/2014 Emotionally Focused Therapy For Same Sex Couples
04/17/2014 Compassion Fatigue
03/20/2014 Monthly In Service Meeting
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