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06/21/2018 Update on Legal Changes Since January 2017 that Effect Sexual & Gender Diverse Individuals and Families
06/01/2018 Hope & Resilience: Reducing Intimate Partner Violence for Sexually & Gender Diverse Individuals
05/17/2018 Treating Porn Addiction (Part 2): A Sex Positive Approach To Problematic Sexual Behavior
04/19/2018 Promoting Change in Religiously Conservative Communities
04/07/2018 Plan B Theatre - Jump - Note: 2nd Sat.
03/15/2018 Check Your Competencies at the Door; Spark Your Growth
03/11/2018 Salt Lake Acting Company - Hir - Play & Salon
03/03/2018 Plan B Theatre - The Weird Play - Note: 2nd Sat.
02/15/2018 Bleached: Beyond White-Washed Trans Narratives
01/26/2018 Suicide Prevention (note different location)
12/07/2017 Clinical Challenges & Obstacles in Working with Transgender Clients - NOTE: 1st Thursday
11/16/2017 Intersexions of Sexuality and Gender
11/11/2017 Plan B Theatre - The Ice Front - Note: 2nd Sat.
10/19/2017 Best Practices for Clinical Work With Sexual Orientations and Sexual Identities
10/19/2017 Best Practices for Clinical Work With Sexual Orientations and Sexual Identities
09/21/2017 Gender Fluidity: Systemic and Therapeutic Considerations When Working with Children, Adolescents, and Families
07/16/2017 Saturday’s Voyeur - Salt Lake Acting Company
06/15/2017 Polyamory Panel
06/02/2017 Hope & Resilience: Reducing Interpersonal Violence for Sexually & Gender Diverse Individuals
05/18/2017 Family Acceptance Project
04/20/2017 Addictions
03/31/2017 Workshop: Increasing Clinical Competency: Ethical Approaches for Working Across the Spectrum of Gender
03/25/2017 Not One Drop - Plan B Theater Company World Premier
03/16/2017 Understanding Porn Addiction: A Sex Positive Approach to Problematic Sexual Behavior
03/05/2017 Harbur Gate - Salt Lake Acting Company - DATE CHANGED
02/18/2017 Virtue - Plan B Theater World Premier
02/16/2017 White Privilege
01/27/2017 Queer Theory and You: the Intersection of Gender, Race, and Class
12/01/2016 Helping Gender and Sexually Diverse Individuals Respond Effectively to Rejection
11/17/2016 Transgender Medical Issues
10/20/2016 Lessons to Learn From Couples Who Stay Together During Gender Transition
09/15/2016 Gender Fluidity: Systemic and Therapeutic Considerations When Working With Children, Adolescents, and Families
06/16/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Working With Youth In Families When Parents Are or Have Come Out
06/05/2016 Utah Pride Parade - March with Us!
06/03/2016 Utah Pride Festival - Volunteers Needed
05/19/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Special Issues For Sexual Minorities Within Plural Families
04/21/2016 LGBTQ Guild: The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Sexual/Gender Identity & Expression
04/09/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Kingdom of Heaven - Plan-B Theatre World premier by David Evanoff & Jenifer Nii
03/17/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Mixed Orientation Marriages
03/05/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Based On A True Story - Plan-B Theatre World premier by Elaine Jarvik
02/27/2016 "Streetlight Woodpecker" by Shawn Fisher (World Premiere) - Salt Lake Acting Company
02/18/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Co Creating A More Inclusive Culture For LGBTQ Affirming Therapists
01/08/2016 LGBTQ Guild: Multicultural Counseling Competence
12/03/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Living Openly ‘Out’ As LGBT Within Communities of Faith
11/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Open Discussion - Managing client reactions to the recent LDS Church policy decision
11/14/2015 "Tribes" by Nina Raine - Salt Lake Acting Company
10/15/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Addressing Personal Biases With Self-Compassion
09/17/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Emerging Trends in the Languages of Sexual/Gender Identities
06/18/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Aging Within the LGBT Community
05/21/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Current Issues Facing LGBTQ Adolescents
04/16/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Working With Couples When A Partner Comes Out As Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender
04/11/2015 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - PILOT PROGRAM (2nd Sat)
03/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Understanding the Lives of Individuals Who Are Intersex
03/14/2015 Ethical Strategies for Dealing with Sexual/Gender Orientation and Religious Conflicts: Healing the rifts within our community and profession.
03/07/2015 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - A/VERSION OF EVENTS (1st Sat)
02/19/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Understanding Islamic Teachings & Traditions About Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
01/09/2015 LGBTQ Guild: Sex Trafficking (note: 2nd Friday)
12/13/2014 LGBTQ Guild: PLAN B Theatre Company - CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS
12/04/2014 LGBTQ Guild: BDSM: Beyond 101 - Addressing the Intricacies of Kinky Sex (note 1st Thurs)
11/20/2014 LGBTQ Guild: The Impact of Recent Court Rulings & Legislative Actions
10/16/2014 LGBTQ Guild: Responding to Homeless LGBT Youth
09/18/2014 LGBTQ Guild: Building Bridges: An Update on the Group of 8 Dialogue Process
06/19/2014 LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy: Tips For The Therapist Who Identifies As 'Straight'
05/15/2014 Emotionally Focused Therapy For Same Sex Couples
04/17/2014 Compassion Fatigue
03/20/2014 Monthly In Service Meeting
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