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The toll of minority status: How stress and adversity affect our minds, Bodies, and Health Over the Life Course

  • 01/24/2020
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Utah Pride Center 1380 S. Main St, SLC

The toll of minority status: How stress and adversity affect our minds, bodies, and health over the life course” | Joint session with WPP, AWP, & The Guild

Presenter: Lisa Diamond, PhD, University of Utah, Department of Psychology, DASH Collaborative

NOTE: FRIDAY EVENING, 5:30 ‐ 7:30 p.m.

Stress: how it impacts us in mind and body.  How does stress cause or contribute to physiological illness, and how does it make it hard to think and reason and feel?  What goes on systemically inside of us while we are under stress?  What damage is done when we sustain prolonged periods of stress (inflamed central nervous system, et al)?  What happens when stress hits early and/or often in our lives and how are we forced to adapt?  How do we understand the stress of being non-dominant individuals, be it relating to cultural, racial, gender, and/or sexual identities, and how it can shape us? What is the latest research in these downsides, from trauma to grief to everyday life stress?  Then, what are the upsides for effective treatments, and how we can help our clients survive stress and become more resilient for future stressful periods. 

Please note our meeting location: Meetings are conducted at the new Pride Center in Salt Lake City; 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (near the Bee’s Stadium) ‐ unless otherwise specified in the schedule. Parking is permitted anywhere in the parking lot. Enter the building through the main entrance, and turn right to find the conference room.


CEU’s have been approved for all in‐service programs by Utah NASW and Utah Psychological Association. For this joint session, CEU's will be free to members of WPP, AWP and the Guild.  CEU’s are always free for Guild members & $5 for non‐members, per meeting.

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